From the beginning of time people have been using natural ingredients to beautify hair and skin.  It has always been that way. 

We at En'tyce Your Beauty - Naturally have embraced the Ancient teachings and have brought these methods back to you. The ingredients that we use have been proven to benefit, moisturize and strengthen hair since the beginning of time. 

Submerge yourself in an Oasis of En'tyce Your Beauty - Naturally Products.  We do not compromise our products, only the very best ingredients are used


Made to strengthen, cleanse, moisturize, add sheen, soften and create a healthy head of hair. Wrap your hair in our delicate balance of Natural and Essential Oils such as Geranium and Tea Tree, to name a few.

Naturally - Vitalizing the Condition of Hair - One Head at a Time


No Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)
No Sodium laureth sulphate (SLES)
No Parabens (Propyl, Methyl, Butyl, or Ethyl)
No Imidazolidinyl urea & DMDM Hydantoin
No Polyethylene glycol
No Silicones or Synthetic Products
No Animal Testing
No Perfumes
No Added Colour
No Fillers
No Petrochemicals
No Sulfates
No Dimethicones
No Mineral Oils
No Waxes
100% Vegan
No Dilution Added


Best Results when used as a complete SYSTEM

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En'tyce your Health - Naturally…

Is En'tyce good for people with Diseases?

Well I am a walking testament to En'tyce being healthy for your overall wellbeing. As a Lupus survivor it is very important to have natural ingredients and healthy ingredients in and on my body, hair and skin. Why, because Lupus is an autoimmune disease which means that my immune system is very low and susceptible to so many things.

That is why it is important and necessary for me to have products that TRULY are what they say. My Life and the quality of it, depends on it. En'tyce was formulated this way for this reason.

My hair started thinning and falling out and I started doing my treatments much more regularly on weekly basis. It made such a difference. That is around the same time that my I started my journey on learning and understanding shampoo's and conditioner's and the whole ingredients thing and what they truly mean.

Also how they impact my health. So, I have had many clients with various illnesses reach out to me about our En'tyce product line as they are seeking an authentic Natural alternative. As previously mentioned.

You may or may not be aware but anything that goes onto our skin , scalp is absorbed into our body via the skin thus entering our blood stream.

That includes your hair, entering your bloodstream from your scalp. Many products contain SLSs, SLESs, Mineral oils, Petroleum, Parabens, Methylparbens, and the list goes on and on. It has been documented that they can cause hair loss, skin irritation, and reek havoc inside the body.

En'tyce Cares – Did you Know?

Did you know just how much we care?

Q: Do you know why we use dark brown bottles on all En'tyce Products?
A: We choose to use dark bottles because it is the very best thing for the Essential and Natural Oils we use in En'tyce products. These ingredients do not like direct sunlight and heat. By putting them in dark bottles we not only prolong the potency, effectiveness of these ingredients, but it also protects against oxidation and the integrity of En'tyce products.

Q: Do you know why we only use stainless steel utensils in preparing our formulations instead of aluminum?
A: We choose to use Stainless Steel in preparing our formulations instead of aluminum because aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's and Breast Cancer. (Although there are no studies to this date that conclusively point to aluminum as a major cause for breast cancer and Alzheimer's, the results are not all in yet. Our bodies do not require aluminum. We also know what we rub on our skin, we do absorb into the body and bloodstream. If you're not a gambling person, you may want to choose your personal care products very carefully to avoid aluminum.) Read more:

Q: Why do we prefer to use Cold Pressed Oils over Non Cold Pressed?*
A: We choose to use Cold Pressed Oils over Non Cold Pressed oils when available because Cold Pressed Oil is produced with a lower heat temperature technique. Heat used in the process of making oil diminishes the flavor, degrades the nutritional value and alters the color. Only, the very, very best for you. Read more: Fresh Pressed Oil Vs. Cold Pressed Oil |

Q: Why do we search for and only use Organic ingredients that are QAI and USDA certified?
A: We search for and only use Organic ingredients that are QAI (Quality Assurance International) and meet USDA standards. QAI is the National Organic Program that develops, implements, and administers national production, handling, and labeling standards for organic agricultural products. The QAI also accredits the certifying agents (foreign and domestic) who inspect organic production and handling operations to certify that they meet USDA Standards. Only the very, very best for you.

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